Being my first Blog, and seeing as i'm now working on Christmas cards for 2011 i thought i'd talk about that...amongst other things!!!

The 2011 Coastal Calendars have been selling like hots cakes and there's only a limited supply left so grab one before they go!!

I'm super busy getting paintings ready for the big Spring chickens, coastal images, the 2012 calendar (!!!!!) and of course new Christmas cards for 2011. I'm really excited by these as six will have a Great British Christmas theme... more on those soon!!!

We're also getting ready for two big shows.... both at the NEC, the first being crafts for christmas which is a lovely craft show that also contains a hobbycrafts hall and art materials live. There will be lots of unusual items to buy at this show from all my "crafty" friends!! These organisers are one of my favorites- I also do a few other of their outdoor marquee shows from May to September!!

The Second show is  The Festive Gift Fair.... which is more of a commercial show- but guaranteed to be Christmassy!!!

Nearly forgot...there's a fab new christmas wrap available, with a teatowel in the same design, available exclusively this year from the RSPB.... and the teatowel...  .

That's it for now....but here's one of my new chicken paintingsMrspeckalot