A week later than planned- website hiccup last week.....

Another week flies by, and where am I this week- well i'm really sat here in my spare room/ studio typing this.... But my shop and town this week is Dovetail Interiors in Bedale, Yorkshire. I decided that it was time that I came inland otherwise you'd all think I was only coastal!! ;0)

So... Dovetail Interiors is a beautiful shop nestled amongst all the other independant shops along the main street of Bedale. They obviously sell my goodies (including the lovely Yorkshire tea towel!!) as well as lots of other fantabulous items for your home- I picked up a few nice bits for my  log burner last autumn from them! The shop seems to go back such a long way- and the further back you go there is exquisite furniture, curtain poles, plate racks and other lovely items to make a house a home!! The staff are all very nice too!!!!


I rather like Bedale for a few reasons- for starters it's a cracking little market town Tuesdays are market days!), it has a great variety of shops, cafes, pubs, and another favorite of mine- thee most amazing knitting shop called New Jersey Wools!!! I digress.... But apart from all of this it's a ten minute drive from the A1- so instead of calling in at the soul-less motorway services, why don't you take a little detour, drop into Bedale, have a little look around, a little shop and a nice cup of tea somewhere to break up your journey. I do it everytime I drive from the north back to Nottingham and it's so much more refreshing!!!
Here's the website so you can find out more for yourself!!!